The Unseen Realities

Human Existence & its Healing powers

Man is not just a physical being but also a complex network of energy system in a particle world. This is proved by the fact that he is alive when energy is present in the body and dead when the energy cease to exist.

Lifecare and Lifestyle ! A Holistic Approach !

Holistic Approach is to Consider the human being as a unit of nature’s existence with its individual consciousness connected to the universe and its universal consciousness.

Holistic Lifestyle is one that maintains harmony with your self and the nature you live in.

Holistic Lifecare is to use the nature’s inbuilt intelligence of self maintainence and its dependency on the natures forces to be in harmony, thus neutralising all dishormonies of the mind , body , soul,life energy, life issue and relationships.

This makes us responsible for what happens in the universe and our harmony with it.      “What we sow is what we reap”

Our Approach

A holistic approach in which we acknowledge the body.mind, soul, life energy,natural intelligence of self maintainence, life issues and  relationships as essential elements that help us be in harmony which in turn helps us be healthy. We fall sick when we disturb this harmonious existence by our interference and we can also restore this sickness by neutralising this disharmony.

Our Method

Human body is a network of energy system, physical, metaphysical and finer particles that make its unique framework  with its natural intelligence of self maintainence and evolution. It is when we understand this and its functionality we will be able to draw a perfect combination of  lifecare and lifestyle. Colors, finger gestures, polarities, directions, natural elements as natural tools of healing, gives effective and lasting results when used on these life essential fundamentals.

Blending the physical and metaphysical

It is today understood that consciousness drives the human body and it is in our hands to support the body in being healthy the natural way , reap its benefits and use the natural healing wisdom that nature has bestowed upon us to age graciously.

Human beings occupy space and time making life, an existence of life energy (all  living beings) on a linear timeline between birth and death to evolve to the next level of consciousness.

This wisdom was understood by many ancient sciences and so integrated the knowledge of the physical, meta physical, energy system, predictive sciences of time and space , thus incorporating a lifestyle and lifecare that is in harmony with nature and human existence.   It also focused on the quality and quantity of life energy in the human body.

The Energy System

Understanding energy system is more of a metaphysical and conscious level . Although this is a vast subject, a brief introduction has been given below to understand how energy systems can be useful in healing a discomfort.

Various ancient civilizations has contributed different energy systems , out of which a few has been illustrated below for a basic understanding.

Minimum of 2 energy consciousness is essential to create or destroy something which is evident in nature by the existence of polarities ie; male-female, sky-earth, east-west, north-south, front-back, left-right, upper-lower, black-white, red-blue, good-bad and so on. Each system of energy encompasses, overlaps, interacts, internally, externally  with each other to work independently and in interaction with other energies to maintain harmony of the body and its existence as a part of nature.

Energy systems Source or types Colors
2 energies Polarities Black & white
3 energies Active, Passive , neutral Red , blue, green
4 energies Active, Passive , neutral, source energy Red , blue, green, black
5 energies Five element theory of Chinese, Ayurveda Green, red,brown,yellow,blue
6 energies Upgraded 6 energies of 5 elements Green,red, orange, yello,brown,blue
7 energies The chakra and aura system Green,red, orange, yello,brown,blue, violet
8 energies 8 directional energies Green,red, orange, yello,brown,blue, black,white
9 energies 7 energy of the 9 planets of predictive sciences Green,red, orange, yello, pink black,white
10 energies 5 elements and its 5 energies consciousness Green,red, orange, pink , violet, yello,brown,blue, black,white
12 energies 12 energy pathways

6 paired

Green,red, orange,  yello,brown,blue

14 energies 14 energy pathways

6 pairs + 2 independent

Green,red, orange, yello,brown,blue, black, white

Time & Space energies Basic energy colors
Black, red, blue, green
Nadi System 72000 energy pathways of Ayurveda 10 basic colors


The recent works of Dr.Voll of Germany is note worthy

Dr. Voll invented EAV (Electro Acupunture ), in which he used a machine called Dermatron invented by Dr.Voll himself. He used his machine to physically identify the energy points on the energy pathway of the human body and treated many ailments successfully just by harmonising the energy points.

Illustration of the Physical and Metaphysical of an ailment

Example : Frozen shoulder

Three different approaches for illustration purpose

Analysis :

The word frozen indicates non movement and in a complete state of coldness as per energy consciousness.

Physical manifestation is non movement and Metaphysical is excess coldness energy.

Treatment Method 1 : Physical movements or exercises as a method of healing

Physical Consciousness : Heat is the energy which is generated by application of hot pack or therapeutic movement or infrared light or massage. Here the physical process creates the metaphysical element called heat that removes coldness and aids in the movement of the shoulder. In this method the metaphysical process happens with very less awareness of the coldness energy and this process could take a few sessions.

Treatment Method 2 : Physical movement or exercises recommended post healing,

Metaphysical Consciousness  : Heat and wind energy is the focus

For the energy modalities the emphasis is on the energy dynamics , they work on the heat and wind points of the localised area to generate heat and increase movement with wind energy.

Treatment Method 3 : Our Methods

Physical movement or exercise is given post healing to strengthen the functionality,

Metaphysical Consciousness  : Heat and wind energy is generated to reduce coldness and increase movement of the shoulder by simple and instant techniques.

By applying Red or Orange colors , natural elements, polarities, finger gestures that represent these energies or simply using the consciousness of the particle world . To simplify it further it is applied with greater results on the the body reflexes and not on the localised areas. This instantly produces heat and wind energies to bring about instant relief. Our FAQ section give more information on these methods.

Colors as a tool to heal

Colors have been in nature from time immemorial. It has given beauty and joy to our eyes.  It brings about harmony in the existence of nature. We have been seeing millions of Colors from the time we first opened our eyes until till this very moment. Every moment we instinctively select various colors and they subconsciously help us remain in harmony with us and our environment.

Mudra as a tool to heal

(Mudra or finger gestures)

Movement has been the key to lifestyle diseases and the essence of human existence since a single cell. Multiplication of human cells occupying time, space and direction has given birth to the most wonderful creation on earth  ” The Human Being”. These movements and positions is an integral part of us from birth till death. They have always kept us harmonious. Now we can tap into these body gestures that can gives amazing curative effects for various discomforts.


 a tool to heal
“Silence isn’t empty, Its full of answers”

Silence of the mind and body is meditation. In Meditation the mind becomes empty and gives a curative effect to the body. When combined with various curative gestures, it becomes an amazing tool to good health and cure for many discomforts.

Pillars to good health


1. Ample Exercise

2. Healthy Eating Habits

3. Rationalisation of desires

4. Personal Hygeine

5. Harmonius Relationship



6. Balance between Work & Family

7. Cleansing the internal body periodically

8. Explore life and its existence

9. Meditation

10. Simple healing technique of cure

 But What About After?

How to Maintain Lasting Results

Follow up

Depending on each individual a few sessions may be required for a full healing. In many cases just one session is also suffecient. As in every method, dosage  and follow up is very essential for a total healing.

Also as a thumb rule we recommend to terminate each session if 75% result is achieved or at the end of maximum of 2 hours. Also suspend all application in case of any discomfort and consult us for required changes.

Lasting Results

Results can be fast, lasting and permanent in many cases if follow up session, complimented diet rules, recommended exercises are followed.

A few cases might need a more detailed diagnosis due to which it can be more time consuming and so might require a few sessions until the right time and space is reached to experience the healing

Personalized Everything

There is No, One Healing Protocol for Everyone

Man was born as a single cell and grew up to a living being of trillions of cells that generate and degenerate everyday, thus occupying a different space and timeline every second in the process of evolving to the next level of consciousness. So also the system of diagnosis and healing will change as per his present composition of physcial and metaphysical

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Our Methods

We use the below techniques to instantly heal many pain related issues.

pressure points, colors , Meditation

mudra (finger & body gestures),

Application of natural elements externally like leaves, etc

All the applications are done only on your hands externally.

Why are our methods effective ?

Man is not just a physical being but also a complex network of energy system which is proved by the fact that he is alive when energy is present in the body and dead when the energy cease to exist.

This is the reason why most of the ancient modalities of medicine focused on the quality and quantity of life energy in the human body while treating an ailment which was a holistic approach.

We use the fundamentals of the ancient systems of medicine, the understanding of overlapping multiple energy systems, conscious understanding of the problem, integrating these knowledge and by effectively applying the simple tools of colors,gestures, meditation, etc to achieve instant healing results, which many have experienced and testified in our testimonial section.

Ailments that can be addressed

Back pain

Neck pain

Knee pain

Joint pain




and more .....

You can also read our testimonial section


Our session and pricing


Our sessions generally lasts for 30 minutes and in a few cases could go up to 45 minutes.

Our target in the first session will be a 30 - 40% reduction in most pains.

You will recieve an email on "what to expect" during the session after your booking which will prepare you for the session

Celebrity Healthcare Prices are Customised

Our sessions cost USD 150

Special discounts for senior citizens and other categories Upto 25%

To claim your discount you just have to fill in all the details and we shall send you a payment link with the discounted amount.

Our sessions are fully online and can be enjoyed from the comfort of you home or phone

You can also read our testimonial section


How does Colors work

The evidence to how colors can heal is a daily activity happening in our society that is going unnoticed. To show a few examples .

1.Physiotherapy uses infra red color rays to treat most pain and movement related issues.

  1. Curing infantile jaundice with ultra violet color rays has been in practice for long and even to this day.
  2. Naturopathy uses color lights, color baths, Food categorisation according to colors, sun charged water in colored bottles to treat many ailments.
  3. Ayurveda and the Chinese energy concepts can be associated with colors to treat ailments.
  4. The external skin color is determined due the climatic conditions where each of us live and so they are different for each of us. Whereas the internal climatic conditions of every human is the same because the organs are meant to function for the same purpose that it was created for , they work in a particular pattern, precision, frequency driven by the natural intelligence of the body thus creating the same temperature and color for all the human internal organs. Here again we find an active representation of colors.

Thus the concept of colors can be used on various healing concepts and consciousness as a natural tool to  heal. They directly influence the energy systems, consciousness and  harmonise the discomfort

We use colors in our sessions by applying a few lines or dots on your hands or other body reflexes to deliver instant results that you can experientially quantify.

How does energy system work?

A brief illustration of the various energy systems contributed by various civilizations and pioneers has been explained in brief with examples in another section. In this section we have illustrated the use of energy ,colors and how it can be applied to address an ailment.  The physical, metaphysical, conscious understand and its application has also been explained here.

Multiple energy systems ovelap the human existence and it can be used in a natural way to bring about harmony in the human body. In our section we have mentioned the works of Dr.Voll from Germany who invented a machine to quantify the energy channels and use the mahine to harmonise the energy point.

We use colors, gestures , meditation etc to achieve this task  and recommed a healthy lifestyle for lasting results.

Physical|Metaphysical|consciousness ?

It is today understood that consciousness drives the human body with inbuilt natural intelligence and it is in our hands to support the body in being healthy by natural ways , reap its benefits and use the wisdom of natural healing that nature has bestowed upon us to age graciously.

Human beings occupy space and time making life, an existence on a linear timeline between birth and death to evolve to the next level of consciousness.

This wisdom was understood by various ancient sciences and so integrated the physical with the meta physical, thus incorporating a lifestyle and lifecare that is in harmony with human existence.

The manifestation and understaning the physical, metaphysical and consciouness has been done with an example to heal an ailment in a different section.

A Quick understanding

Physical : Lungs

Metaphysical : Energy that operates the lungs ( Structural energy is dryness, functional energy is wind)

Consciousness  : Awareness of the physical and metaphysical.

Who can learn ?

Anyone with common understanding can learn these techniques and use it in their daily life. When lifecare is in your own hands you can instantly apply the knowledge to help your family, friends, loved one when in acute stage of an ailment and protect them from not getting into a chronic stage.

There is no age bar, sex, creed, national borders to learn this beautiful techniques which are so simple and effective.

You will sequentially learn the energy systems, physical, metaphysical, consciousness and application using the tools of color, pressure points, gestures meditation to heal many ailments

For more details you can send us a mail from the Training section and we will send you detailed information.

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