Colors have been in nature from time immemorial. It has given beauty and intensity of joy to our eyes.  It bring about harmony in the existence of nature. We have been seeing millions of Colors from the time we first opened our eyes until till this very moment. Every moment we instinctively select various colors and they subconsciously help us remain in harmony with us and our environment. Every organ in the body represents a color. Colors have got a great curative effect on the human body. Naturopathy has been treating various ailment using colored light, water etc.. Colors are now effectively used for various discomforts with instant results. Come learn for yourself the wonders of life and enjoy the finest fundamentals of nature.


Movement has been the key to lifestyle diseases and the essence of human existence since a single cell. Movement occupies time, space and direction. Multiplication of human cells occupying time, space and direction has given birth to the most wonderful creation on earth  " The Human Being". These movements and positions has been an integral part of us from birth till death. They have always kept us harmonious. Now we can tap into these body gestures that can give us curative effects. Body gesture and finger positions are called mudra and they given amazing cure for various discomforts.


"Silence isn't empty, Its full of answers"

Silence of the mind and body is meditation. In Meditation the mind becomes empty and gives a curative effect to the body. When combined with various curative gestures, it becomes an amazing tool to good health and cure for many discomforts.


A one day program to upgrade yourself in the basic techniques of Drugless Healthcare

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