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Our instant pain relief techniques with colors , mudra, polarities have a very high success rate and is equally effective for breathing disorders. So we believe that we can contribute our bit in addressing breathing disorders which is the major point of covid attack. This can help us buy more time, save more lives and give us enough time to deal with the virus. 

We reach out to people and organisations through our  online sessions effectively.

Covid Consciousness, Energy & Colors

What ? Why ? How ? Selfcare

The Corona virus is a microorganism or bacteria which belong to the monera kingdom. Bacteria can generally exist only in cold conditions and has active wind energy when they are contagious. Its existence in coldness is evident by the fact that whatever we do to generate heat in the body internally or externally works as a protection for the body against this virus. Eg. Drinking warm water, sun bath, keeping the body warm, increasing body heat while exercising, Alcohol contains heat energy which is the reason why it evaporates and so we use sanitizers and isoprophyle alocohol as a protective agent. The presence of wind energy works as a carrier which is evident that when we sneeze, cough, the virus can become contagious. Sneeze, cough , breathlessness, respiratory disorders, fresh air, wearing mask to block the flow of wind are all related to the wind energy.

Based on the above consciousness we will illustrate a few simple selfcare methods which is non invasive and without any internal medicine. We will try to explain as much as we can to deliver the consciousness for your benefit.

Under our Covid Support program we can extend our support to breathing disorders and focus on the functioning of the lungs. Working on the virus is not our scope right now, however we believe that if we can be of help in supporting the respiratory disorders using colors, finger gestures and our non invasive methods, we will be able to buy more time for the covid patients and thus save more lives.

Covid 19 Online Support

Our techniques are found to be highly effective with a high success rate for pain related issues and breathing disorders

Breathing disorders being the first target if interviend can buy more time and save more lives

Our technique are non invasive and without internal medicine

We use colors , body gestures, pressure points, apply natural elements externally

Our testimonials speaks for us

We are willing to support anyone who wish to try our methods

We support all organisations or agencies in their fight against covid 19

Our methods are highly effective for pain related issues and breathing disorders

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