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Book a consultation and get an evaluation of your present discomfort. We will give you "Drugless Healthcare" recommendation that can bring relief or cure your discomfort state.
Drugless Healthcare session is the first step to addressing your discomfort conditions absolutely without any drugs. This is a session where you can expect to start experiencing a change in your discomfort which is mostly instant. Here the science of Colors, Mudra, direction, Meditation and natural elements are used to bring about effective and instant relief or cure to your discomfort condition. This session is associated with our " Year of Zayed with Drugless Healthcare"
A personal session with deeper understanding. Available at your convenience and at a price. For more details Whatsapp 055 3347003
A new dimension to healthcare without drugs. Most of the solutions offered are with colors, body gestures, meditation and natural elements to create a healing effect, absolutely without any drugs. We may apply a few colors on your hands, suggest a few hand or body gestures , give you a few meditative posture and ask you for feedback at regular intervals of 5-10 minutes to understand how you are progressing. The most suitable condition to have the best experience is when the discomfort is expressive during the session. Our first session is generally targeted at a relief of 30- 40% of your discomfort. In a few cases we may have to postpone the session to a different time and space.
A diagnosis of your discomfort condition is done after going through your brief history of the discomfort. From our diagnosis point of view the root cause for your discomfort could be anything ie., physical issues , injury, emotional issues, life events, work related, environment related, finance related, education related, family issues, relationship issues, social issues, etc ............. We take you through a session of colors, body gesture, meditation, mudra or use of natural elements whatever we deem fit for your discomfort condition and then check with you at regular intervals of 5-10 minutes regarding the progress. During this time we may try various combinations to figure out what suits you the best. You can measure your results on a scale of 1- 10 and see how well you have progressed. Depending on how you are progressing we will suggest the number of sessions that would be required.
If you have multiple issues, then each issue will be addressed seperately with a first session and follow up sessions if required.
Back pain | Cervical pain | Joint pain | Migraine | Sinusitis | Allergy | Stress | Frozen shoulder | Skin issue | Digestive disorders | Respiratory disorders | and more ........


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What people say about us

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Ashok R H

Business Consultant

“ I was suffering from backpain for the last 8 years. My first session with Drugless Healthcare i got a relief of 50% and in the subsequent 2 sessions i was better by almost 90% “

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Syed A N


“ I was wearing a supportive belt for backpain from the last 3yrs and was suffering from backpain for more than 6 yrs. My first 2 sessions with Drugless Healthcare helped to stop wearing my belt and my back pain had reduced by almost 60%. In the next 3 session I was relieved of my back pain 100% ”

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“ I was suffering from Migraine for the last 3 years . In my encounter session with Drugless Healthcare a few colors were applied and i was better by almost 50% . I was guided to do a few hand position and apply colors for a fews day. After almost a week i was fully relieved of my Migraine. It was an amazing experience with colors and mudras ”

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Self Employed

“I have been suffering from frozen shoulder for the last 2 years and was not able to lift my hand. After the first session of color and mudra application, I felt better by 40% . The next 2 sessions helped me get 100% relief.  ”

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Media Executive

“ I was suffering from Sinusitis for last 1 year. After the first session with Drugless Healthcare i felt better by 80 % and eventually was cured 100% in the next next  ”

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J Burton


“I had a big lump formation on both my wrists for last 4 years. After my first session with Drugless Healthcare my pain had reduced by 50% and both the lumps has reduced in size by almost 60 % . In the next session, it was better by another 20%. In the third session i was 100% better “

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