Simple Drugless Cure

Colors as medicine

Experience the amazing power of colors to cure

Food as medicine

Eat food as medicine or you will eat medicine as food - "Hippocrates"

Mudras as medicine

Powerful hand gestures that can bring about cure

Meditation as Cure

Experience the silence of your mind to cure

What People Say

Personal experiences of people with drugless healthcare

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Ashok R H

Business Consultant

“ I was suffering from backpain for the last 8 years. My first session with Drugless Healthcare i got a relief of 50% and in the subsequent 2 sessions i was better by almost 90% “

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Syed A N


“ I was wearing a supportive belt for backpain from the last 3yrs and was suffering from backpain for more than 6 yrs. My first 2 sessions with Drugless Healthcare helped to stop wearing my belt and my back pain had reduced by almost 60%. In the next 3 session I was relieved of my back pain 100% ”

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“ I was suffering from Migraine for the last 3 years . In my encounter session with Drugless Healthcare a few colors were applied and i was better by almost 50% . I was guided to do a few hand position and apply colors for a fews day. After almost a week i was fully relieved of my Migraine. It was an amazing experience with colors and mudras ”

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Self Employed

“I have been suffering from frozen shoulder for the last 2 years and was not able to lift my hand. After the first session of color and mudra application, I felt better by 40% . The next 2 sessions helped me get 100% relief.  ”

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Media Executive

“ I was suffering from Sinusitis for last 1 year. After the first session with Drugless Healthcare i felt better by 80 % and eventually was cured 100% in the next next  ”


Welcome to an experience with simple cure


energy body

Man is not a physical existence alone, he is a subtle network of energy layers which can be tapped by colors, mudra, meditation to achieve a harmony for his discomfort.

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